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Gay Yokohama, Japan | The Fundamental LGBT Travel Guide!

The multi-cultural megalopolis of Yokohama could be the second biggest city in Japan, but it is positioned simply 30km southern area from the center of Tokyo; it really is reasonable to say their big brother overshadows it.

But there is a great deal to see within effervescent area, such as microbreweries, jazz organizations, a booming arts scene and a humming bayfront. And additionally less expensive places and a decidedly reduced speed of existence.

Yokohama has actually a lengthy reputation for innovation, trade and assortment due to it becoming among the first Japanese ports to-be opened to foreign trade-in the 19


100 years – even though there was a stronger homosexual scene here, it is definitely a lot more focused towards club conversations and locals.

That’s not to say it isn’t really enjoyable to understand more about; it really actually rather as crazy as
Tokyo’s homosexual lifestyle center of Shinjuku Ni-chōme
Doyamacho, Osaka’s LGBT District.

Discreet, compartmentalized, frequently smaller compared to a cruise ship cabin and obsessed with order – though luckily not quite as uptight as Tokyo – the gay taverns of Yokohama are exclusively Japanese and an experience, to make sure.

Women should be aware that many homosexual lifestyle spots in Yokohama cannot generally speaking and local attitudes, meaning many foreign people can just only sample, just a few areas as individual friendships with members and rigorous Japanese-only guidelines determine who is going to enter. It might seem this can be xenophobic – and is – but this is done in large part to guard members from getting judged by unknown expectations.

Japan is similar to nowhere more on Earth, so that as whoever has seen prior to know, the Japanese carry out acts extremely differently. Luckily the ongoing economic stagnation in Japan makes the united states – additionally the homosexual scene of Yokohama – much more available to people from other countries, and there are numerous homosexual places that actively court Gaijin (the Japanese word for foreigners) within their midst.

Homosexuality hasn’t already been prosecuted in Japan – it was not thought about a sin, just shameful – and despite recent styles of threshold and freely gay areas in cosmopolitan places like Kyoto, Nagoya, Osaka, and
, many Japanese gay males and lesbians nonetheless conceal who they are.

Becoming homosexual is sometimes still viewed as a personal choice, although homophobia is unheard of, Japanese society views being homosexual as not something getting flaunted or openly talked about.

This live-and-let-live attitude – if outward looks are preserved – towards LGBT individuals now could be positively blocking gay rights in Japan. There’s absolutely no governmental and social friction to push situations forward, unlike in
, and

There are couple of openly gay lawmakers, stars or business people, in addition to National Diet have actually yet to do this on including sexual positioning in the country’s civil-rights code.

Same-sex marriage just isn’t legal within national level, though as of 2019, twenty towns and area wards problem same-sex collaboration certificates, which provide some advantages; but these are generally completely symbolic.
Taiwan at this time causes Asia in LGBT legal rights
, and with the growing impetus and huge programs of Kansai Pride, hopefully this can prompt Japanese community and lawmakers to talk about defenses and equality regarding residents.

Not surprisingly, homosexual people to Yokohama – and Japan – are extremely unlikely experiencing any discrimination at all relating to intimate choices. With limited but tight-knit homosexual world, an attractive skyline, delicious road meals, wacky personalities and plenty of special tourist attractions, Gay Yokohama is amongst the planet’s a lot of underrated metropolitan areas and waiting for you to understand more about it further…

In this post we’re going to cover…

Destinations in Yokohama

Normally, becoming homosexual will not define which tourist attractions the majority of us would like to see in each city, and the majority of queer travelers would like to read the leading what to see in Yokohama the whole day!

You will find plenty accomplish here – but we discovered well known memories had been roaming through, acquiring lost for the relatively unlimited assortment of food roads, wandering round the rejuvenated waterfront or utilizing the
JR move
to understand more about the surrounding region. However – it can help for some idea of what’s going on, therefore here you will find the most useful things you can do in Yokohama, per us!

One of the recommended ideas we can offer you for checking out Gay Yokohama is pre-order a travel SIM card for easy airport pickup and activation the minute you appear, so you will likely not pay a lot of money in international roaming costs.

Get restaurants referral and reservations about fly, trains and buses instructions up-to-the-minute, bar orifice hrs and, if it is your thing – usage of homosexual hook-up software to learn more in regards to the neighborhood world.

Mobile phone information is quickly, cheap and available just about everywhere in Asia, making it not surprising most tourists decide to remain linked to get from the beaten track (without previously worrying all about acquiring lost). Why hold off?
Pre-order the best regional SIM card now having it waiting for you in Yokohama once you appear.

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Things you can do  in Yokohama

Japanese Design Hot Spring Experience

Love a-day of full rest with 18 different indoor and backyard hot springs available. There is no dash, consider try them all?

You will find unique hot bathrooms to enjoy: rock bathtub, jug shower, hot springtime swimming pool with massage and sauna and after having a plunge, take pleasure in a delicious Japanese-style food prepared obtainable at on-site restaurant.  Better yet, the hot springs resort is quite simple to get at — positioned right near to Kami-Hoshikawa Station.

Yokohama Chinatown

The biggest Chinatown in Japan and a welcome break if you for some reason ever before get sick of Japanese food. Common dishes to look out for include cooked buns (Manju), ramen noodles and a wide array of other Chinese dishes, though a lot of them currently Japanized as they are nothing like you’ll get in

Addititionally there is a large Chinese new-year event held here on a yearly basis around the start of March.

Harbour Sail

Get great opinions associated with area therefore the popular Cosmo Clock 21 Ferris wheel from right from the ocean. Whip out your digital camera and simply take magnificent shots regarding the gorgeous ocean while the urban jungle as Japanese entertainers and banquet regale you on a wonderful your meal meal or mid-day tea. Japan is busy, so why not set aside a second out to flake out?

Yokohama Landmark Tower

How will you skip the possible opportunity to go up the second-tallest building while the fourth tallest design in Japan, standing 296.3 m large? Pick an obvious day for wonderful opinions of Mt. Fuji and Tokyo City – and while you happen to be up here, then end for a coffee from the Sky club? excellent for visiting during the day or when the sun goes down.

Ōsanbashi Pier

An important worldwide traveler pier within Port of Yokohama, now well worth checking out on a sunny day for the phenomenal views and a recent renovation with has established a comprehensive, gently curving observance deck on its roof with rooted turf places.


If you use a
JR pass
to obtain around Japan, skip the group of vacationers at Kyoto’s bamboo shrine and head here. As the major temple has a historic Buddha, it is reasonable to express the highlight this is actually the picturesque yet little bamboo grove discovered behind the temple’s main hall, which contains over 2000 increasing green bamboo stalks.

Shin-Yokohama Ramen Museum

Charged since the world’s basic food-themed enjoyment playground, it comes short right here but does not be placed off – this is the best one-stop store to relish the types of your national meal from renowned retailers across Japan without stepping on an airplane.

Inside this mammoth complex, 10 ramen shops are presented in a Tokyo street-scape replication from year 1958, the season the entire world’s first immediate ramen had been invented, therefore truly is one thing unconventional and distinctive to see.

Situated in Shin-Yokohama, it is also a convenient end for those who have a
JR Pass
, as Shinkansen practice prevents and departs just a few moments away for Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto additionally the other countries in the nation.

Yokohama Museum of Art

Spend several hours wandering through this modern-day art gallery, home to a big assortment of artwork from the belated 19th millennium until the present day, such as Dali, Magritte, Cézanne, and Picasso, including functions by designers who’ve been related to Yokohama since the end of Edo duration and through the Meiji period.

As Yokohama is among the birthplaces of photography in Japan, there’s also a significant selection of picture taking on screen.

Yokohama Cosmoworld

It’s not frequently you’re able to go to an amusement park inside the center of an urban area, and yet that is exactly what Cosmoworld offers. an emphasize of any go to has to be a ride from the Cosmo Clock 21, formerly the tallest Ferris wheel worldwide but now this is the tallest around with a clock face. Nonetheless, the opinions of Mt. Fuji by-day associated with the neon skyline by night are worth it by yourself.

Red-brick Warehouse

a historical building complex lately totally renovated and from now on hosting concept stores, cafes and various off-events. While we are unable to advise Bills café – originally from
– a call on nearby (and free) Japan coast-guard Museum Yokohama is recommended for a look on well-known North Korean Spy Ship.

Kawasaki Warehouse

A five-story arcade establishment in Kawasaki, a simple 30-minute journey away from Yokohama Centre. Really specifically made to look like the former Kowloon Walled City in Hong-Kong, though it has also a gritty Cyberpunk aesthetic occasionally.

When inside the house, your efforts in order to get here might be compensated with quantities of game titles, swimming pool dining tables, crane devices, pachinko and. The environment we have found like hardly any other gaming arcade place we tried in Japan and definitely worth the journey – if only for all the Instagram shots and Dance Dance Revolution establishes to Justin Beiber.

Yokohama Diversity Parade

Initial held in 2015, this regional type of Pride seems to not be operating. You should instead try to go to nearby

Tokyo Rainbow Pride,

a surprisingly family-friendly occasion conducted in Yoyogi Park in April.

Whilst the organizers have huge intends to develop case toward most significant in Asia, Tokyo Pride shows in many ways Japan is in the Stone Age when just 7,000 people participate in comparison to thousands in
Hong Kong
– as well as European countries or US!

Nevertheless, its incredible observe NGOs and companies acquiring on board since the event increases – especially the procession that takes across streets of Shibuya and Harajuku. In a country in which modesty around outsiders is paramount and intimate preference is certainly not one thing to end up being flaunted, we can only wish increased exposure down the road helps brand-new generations of Japanese feel comfortable adequate to end up being who they truly are.

Gay-Friendly and Gay Resorts in Yokohama

As Yokohama is amongst the much more modern and gay-friendly nations in Asia, pretty much every lodge in Yokohama can be viewed gay-friendly, and none in our readers will discover any issues right here. Most likely, getting gay-friendly is certainly not everything about upscale deluxe but about providing friendly service and pleasant every person with available hands!

Yokohama, similar to metropolises in Japan, has actually an extreme lack of space, so area dimensions are smaller compared to almost everywhere otherwise in the field – but as an abundance of homosexual males understand, it isn’t really all about dimensions but how you employ it! The audience is discussing layout, efficiency and opinions, darling!

However, everyone loves to be surrounded by people who have common interests, and therefore, there are some famous gay-friendly resort hotels in Yokohama which can be hot areas for gay travelers to stay – either for their area near the Yokohama homosexual village – the best spot to remain in Yokohama if you are looking for gay lifestyle – or their unique style and comprehensive vibes.

Here resort hotels in Gay Yokohama have the ability to had glowing referrals from homosexual travelers in the past, but of course,
discover numerous different resort hotels in Yokohama
if they’re not exactly what you’re finding.

Whether you want a great and social hostel, a cheap destination to crash after per night of partying or an ultra-chic designer option to sip cocktails and surround your self with fabulous people  – Gay Yokohama features one thing for all!

InterContinental Yokohama Big â˜†â˜†â˜†â˜†â˜†

A landmark building in Yokohama, this sleek and elegant hotel towers most importantly other people in Yokohama and is also widely known hotel amongst our very own LGBT audience…and for good reason. The InterContinental Yokohama Grand soars magnificently over the changed urban area heart like a sleek yacht under sail, and in, visitors this renowned lodge in suits your every need, including a physical fitness heart, health spa, two pubs, and five restaurants.

Near all significant destinations in Yokohama, however with the spectacular views associated with the Bay and Bay Bridge out of your sea-view area, it’s not likely might also wanna leave your own lavish constraints for long.

Yokohama Regal Park Hotel â˜†â˜†â˜†â˜†â˜†

Inaugurated in 1993, this resort is the spectacular centerpiece associated with Minatomirai 21 place, a city within an urban area idea in Yokohama, which brings together state-of-the-art amenities with a warm, inviting atmosphere. Whether you’re keeping for company or satisfaction, you’ll relish becoming spoiled by world-class service in magnificent environment.

Large spaces boast spectacular opinions of Yokohama Bay Bridge therefore the snow-clad hills of Mount Fuji past. Meticulous attention to information, excellent features and first-class hospitality blend to produce a hotel which includes scaled brand-new heights of luxury.

Hotel Edit Yokohama â˜†â˜†â˜†â˜†

a hip, contemporary and also inexpensive hotel situated near to the gay scene of Yokohama – with a trains and buses place just moments out. Love vibrant, contemporary areas, an unfussy cafe focusing on both stews and whiskey, and employees that happen to be usually willing to help – it doesn’t matter how small or big the thing is in the heart of Yokohama for those who want to see and do everything.

Prostyle Ryokan Yokohama Bashamichi â˜†â˜†â˜†

A fresh hotel that honors the multi-cultural and vibrant history of Yokohama and will be offering an original design concept with celebrates Japanese-Western eclecticism.

Modern wanderers are lured with an incredible sleep on reduced bedrooms similar to conventional Japanese resort hotels – detailed with furnitures like tatami mats, report sliding doors, and latticework – but offer contemporary luxuries the tourists of old could merely desire.

Processed to look at, you will find a feeling of peace here that cash cannot get – except it can, and it is amazingly affordable.

Y’s Cabin Yokohama Kannai â˜†â˜†

(Temporarily or once and for all closed. Once you learn anything, please suggest an edit.)

One of the least expensive accommodation choices in Yokohama; for those who have usually imagined remaining in a capsule resort, here is your chance! With male- and female-only floor surfaces, these modern-day but quick supplements offer Wi-Fi accessibility, flat-screen TVs and lockers, as well as provided restrooms.

The highlight of any stay must be the communal bathhouse and a sauna to unwind before going to sleep, but there are additionally laundry services and break fast offers at a charge, in the event you need all of them.

Gay Nightlife in Yokohama

With Japan being probably the most gay-friendly destinations in Asia – joined by loves of
, and
–  you will want to please explore the lifestyle possibilities in Yokohama as you like.

However, if you want to generate new pals and acquire together with your international queer family members, discover around 30 homosexual taverns and combine pubs in Yokohama to explore. Centered across homosexual city of Nobe before Sakuragicho Station near Motomachi share, Nobe is on the contrary side throughout the Sakuragicho facility through the Minato Mirai location, in which high-rise buildings line up.

We can easilyn’t probably list each site right here – some of which tend to be little more than broom storage rooms – and possess focussed on those who tend to be foreign-friendly with a time of an improvement.

We have to acknowledge, but the gay night life scene of Tokyo overshadows Yokohama, and here you may be very likely to find a peaceful talk and new buddies compared to crazy clubbing experiences of Ni-chōme Shinjuku in Tokyo, which houses the planet’s greatest attention of homosexual bars.

Because of the sized pubs here, customers often sit at a club and spend the night chatting away with other clients therefore the typically charismatic bartenders. Karaoke normally very in vogue and is a surefire method of getting the shy Japanese to open up. You might decide to try plying all of them with alcoholic drinks or environment them loose in a dark space, but we will get to the sauna and cruise areas later on.

The vast majority of tiny taverns in Yokohama are frequented by regulars, and operate a bottle-keep program – unheard of in the West – for which you keep own package of alcohol behind the club for future check outs.

The personal groupings tend to be these bars normally very good, with bars organizing excursions to onsens, sporting events, picnics plus. They are really a family group right here, and see this generally in photos usually displayed across bar.

We found the majority of club owners, acknowledged “Mamas” or “Masters,” to get excessively inviting to new customers and gaijin, however all – specifically those in which the Mamas or customers don’t speak English.

This is exactly to truly save their own patrons from any shame for the most part – and to a specific amount, we understand and consent. Right here there is incorporated just those we discovered inviting to foreigners, but if you may have a regional pal or standard Japanese abilities, we motivate one the Nobe Gay city explore more.

Gay Bars & Clubs In Yokohama


Well known homosexual bar to visit in Yokohama with karaoke and complimentary entry to people who is going to reveal their particular passport. Guys only tend to be welcome right here – from 7.30 until belated. There is an adult audience, while the bartenders only talk Japanese, nevertheless the drinks tend to be strong, while the clients are pleasant.

10 Carat

(Temporarily or permanently shut. Once you learn one thing, please suggest an edit.)

Only next door to Mons, this bar idolizes the 70’s and 80’s, using the grasp, Tatsuya, top the cost since 1998. Appreciate his warm hospitality, charming personality, delicious snacks…and maybe some karaoke.

Snack The Wing

(Temporarily or forever closed. Once you know anything, please suggest an edit.)

a calm bar performs comfortable jazz songs with their older customers.


(briefly or completely shut. If you know one thing, kindly recommend an edit.)

Among the most recent gay pubs in Yokohama, Underground attracts younger dudes to their own mid-40s with cost-free karaoke in addition to their favorite all-you-can-drink price for 3,000 yen on Fridays and Saturdays…With virtually no time limitation!

Club MW

A small but really fashionable club is actually attracting {